[TowerTalk] Switching 450 ohm twinlead?

Pete Soper psoper@donedeal.encore.com
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 22:54:17 -0400

I've been using a 10 amp 240v AC cheapy relay for my 100 watt station without 
problems for eight months. I ran three 450 ohm ladder lines in from three 
directions at right angles and the coil voltage in from the fourth. I agree 
with LB that the effects of such tiny dimensions are not critical at HF 
frequencies although I'd worry if I was really transporting something at 
450+j0 instead of the off the wall impedance values of my nonresonant long 
dipoles. But no problem with arcing despite guestimated 700 volt peaks. I
can also say with confidence that in an eight month timeframe you don't need
a weatherproof box nor a nitrogen atmosphere. My relay sits under a large
inverted plant pot with the wires bent to hold it up above the surface of 
the water when the rain is especially hard. It was put that way for the
prototype stage while I decided if it was going to work...


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