[TowerTalk] Source for Aluminum Tubing?

"Dick Green". dick.green@valley.net
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 09:52:05 -0400

Hi. I'm building a 40M 4-square and need a good source for aluminum tubing.

Each self-supporting element will be made of six 6-foot lengths of 6061-T6
with .058" walls, nested in sizes from 1 3/4" diameter down to 1 1/8"
diameter. I already have one element that I made from tubing that I think I
got from Metal-Cable about 10 years ago. They only sell in 12' lengths (cut
in half if I want) and are pretty expensive. If I recall their policies,
I'll have to buy enough for four elements and sell the leftover tubing (or
my old tubing.) Also, I believe this tubing is unfinished, so there's a bit
of polishing work required to get it to slide smoothly.

- Does anyone out there know a less expensive source for this or comparable
tubing (possibly pre-finished) at a better price and/or terms?

- Is anyone interested in buying the leftover tubing?

- What are the best techniques for finishing this kind of tubing?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

73, Dick, WC1M

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