[TowerTalk] Re:LM470

Frank T. Brady ftbrady@cosmoslink.net
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 20:39:50 -0700

 Thanks for the important info.
 Could you give any numbers?  Like, what diameter cable were you first
supplied with and what diameter did you replace it with (and any other
identifying specs about the two cables)?

 Frank - W0ECS

>I have an LM470 motorized and can alert you to one problem I had
>THE CABLE SNAPPED and although there was no structural damage to the tower or
>to the concrete, it was a problem to replace it because of its design.
>BTW  I tried the insurance route and NOT ALLOWED because there was some
>indication of rust on the strands.
>My tower installer AND the insurance co. both advised that the cable was the
>At some expense,  a heavier aircraft cable was installed.
>It has been about three years so I dont know if they have redesigned the
>cable they use now....ask about it!!!
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