[TowerTalk] Hornets - The right way!

Jeff Singer k2kv@netusa.net
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 14:31:46 +0100

Ok guys,

There is actually a correct way to deal with the nasty hornets. No
technique is easy, since these critters are as fast as speeding bullets
and pack a similar punch. But there IS one effective, almost foolproof
way to deal with them, one which I learned from the local town "bee
controller" who agreed to come over here one summer to get rid of a nest
for us. Thnaks to "John the Beekeeper."

Simply, wait until it's late at night, the cooler the better (our best
weapon, since the hornets become VERY dormant when cool). Put on a pair
of heavy work gloves (preferably gauntlet type gloves) and bring a heavy
trash bag to the site.

When the nest has been located, gain a position close by, get
comfortable, and when confidence rises, just stick your arms out and
grab the sucker, pulling it quickly into the trash bag. Close the bag,
seal it, and put it in the trash with the rest of your garbage! By the
time they wake up, it'll be over. Done deal.

I've seen this done. No spray, no garden hose (which, btw, makes them
VERY ANGRY!), just simple common sense. No guarantees here, DO NOT
ATTEMPT if you are allergic like me.

Once, I became so frustrated by the omnipresence of the wasps at my
house that I went out at dusk with TEN cans of "knock-down" spray to
kill the bastards which were all nested behind the window shutters. Must
have been fifty small nests behind more than ten shutters!

I just started spraying, and to my surprise, they all woke up and
started swarming and dive-bombing at me. They were quite an army,
hovering over my head, setting up in pairs at different strike positions
within ten feet from my eyes. Well, I raised the cans, one in each hand,
and in my best Rambo style, kept shooting and spraying all over the
place, replacing empty cans with fresh ones, actually looking the
creatures in the eye on occasion, individually nuking them. 

As they fell to the ground, others replaced them! Must have gone on for
more than half an hour. I was actually scared to death, since I am
highly allergic (one put me in the hospital last year), but I avoided
getting stung during the massacre. Of course, my whole house was just
dripping with spray, and you could smell the stuff from hundreds of
yards away! But ya know, the next morning, when all the fog had cleared,
I was able to go up on my roof to adjust one of my VHF antennas without

Don't do that. Just swiftly put it in a bag. It works!

73 de Jeff K2KV

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