[TowerTalk] Tailtwister rotator followup

Roger L. Elowitz K2JAS@worldnet.att.net
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 23:26:36 -0400

Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting that info.  Hy-Gain seems to never get any mention when
someone needs a rotor fixed.  Either people go to Craig, The Rotor Doctor
(who is really very good) or Norm's Rotor Service.... who is good too. I've
used both of them with no complaints with either.

Finally we have a user report about Hy-Gain service.  

For what it's worth..... my opinion is that you got a brand new rotor for
peanuts. And, on top of it all you got the manufacturer to do it so there is
that extra level of confidence there too.  I don't know how the other guys
compare in price.  I'll bet they're all comparable and knowing what there's
involved in rebuilding these things... they'll all be really good. The other
guys might have been able to turn you rotor around in just a few day instead
of three weeks however.

Anyway, nice to know there's some good competition out there.

73, Roger, K2JAS 

At 02:46 AM 6/20/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi all, 
>Thought some may be interested in the followup on the broken Tailtwister
>that I had posted about approx 1 month ago.
>I did indeed send it to Hy-Gain, they do have a flat rate for
>rotators-decided to send the control box too, so it could be checked out.
>They charged me $140.00 flat rate for both.
>Here is what they did for the money. Cleaned unit complete, repainted upper
>mast support with Hy-Gain Black (keeps the bees away), replaced all the case
>bolts with new stainless bolts, replaced lower housing, installed new brake
>wedge,new brake solenoid, new potentiometer,new rotor side terminal strip,
>new base and gear shaft assembly, complete new bearings, new bottom cover,
>tested unit complete.
>I will add that this thing was a rusty basket case inside before I sent it
>out, now it's like brand new completely.
>If you ever need a Hy-Gain rotor serviced, just send it to them-just the
>rotor is cheaper than with the control box, and definitely worth it.
>Turnaround time was about 3 weeks including shipping.
>Now if I just had the tower up to put it on, i'd really be all set. <G>
>P.S. Thanks all for your suggestions on this, once again Towertalkians have
>saved the day!
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