[TowerTalk] th7

henry gillow-wiles henry@rio.com
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 15:13:36 -0700

took down the wilson y36s and put up a th7. the th7 is good, but the swr on
15m has 2 dips. one at the bottom of the cw portion and one in the middle
of the ssb portion. the 20m swr dips down near the lower portion of the
band. i am asking if i can adjust this by changing the length of the longer
driven element. i think the guy i got the antenna from set it up for cw
operation. i took the elements home w/o taking them apart and just stuck
them back on the boom w/o measuring them. my understanding of this antenna
design is that the wide band width is generated by using 2 driven elements.
i have the manual, but this adjustment isn't covered. tnx,   henry  kb7rta

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