[TowerTalk] Error in ARRL Antenna Book??

Morrison and/or Leah Hoyle vk3bcy@tpgi.com.au
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 23:39:00 +1000

Can anyone throw some light on the information published in the ARRL 
Antenna Handbook for the 6 element 20 metre log-yagi.

In earlier editions, the gain of this antenna was, I am told, given 
as 11.5 to 15 dBd depending on boom length.  In my book, 17th 
edition, the gain is shown as 6.7 dBi.   Some reduction!

I have several antenna modelling programmes but none of them allow 
more than one driven element, so I cannot estimate what the gain 
might be.  For a 26.5 ft boom and 6 elements, I would expect 
something like 9 or 10 dBd.

Throw some pearls of wisdom at me over this please.  I am looking at 
a simple 4 el 20m monobander or the above log-yagi which both have 
the same boom length.

Morrison VK3BCY
Morrison Hoyle
P.O. Box 248
Foster, Victoria 3960
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