[TowerTalk] magnetic antennas / msg to K8DO

CP2235@aol.com CP2235@aol.com
Mon, 5 May 1997 15:02:19 -0400 (EDT)

Hello group,

the ARRL antenna book has an article about magnetic loop antennas, where they
also remark a factory run by W5QJR, which sells a capacitor capable of the
very high voltages in such an antenna. Does anybody know whether this factory
has a web site or at least email adress?

I also got referenced to an article by K5RR which appeared in CQ 4/86. I dont
have such an old issue of CQ. Is there anybody who would mail me a copy of
that article? I'll certainly send you a few $$ for postage etc... Or is it
possible to download older copies of CQ somewhere?

Many thanks for your help!!

73, Con DF4SA        -->  CP2235@aol.com

MESSAGE TO K8DO: Denny, if you read this, please give me your new eMail
adress... The old adress K8DO@aol.com does not work anymore...

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