[TowerTalk] too much Penetrox

Dennis Schaefer w5rz@cswnet.com
Tue, 06 May 1997 19:23:27 -0500

I worked on an old KT-34A this afternoon.  When disassembling it, I noticed
there was quite a bit of gray residue at the tubing joints.  It looked
pretty bad and an ohmmeter showed almost 300 K ohms resistance across some
of the joints.  (I checked them after the hose clamps had been loosened -
might have been OK before I did that).

I've always used Penetrox and when disassembling an antenna, would notice
some color gradations where the Penetrox was, but it was always dry and
clean to the touch.  Not this KT-34A!  

I think Penetrox is what KLM packs with their antennas, and this stuff was
the same color.   It could be some other compound, though.  Maybe this is
what happens when you overdo it!

Dennis,  W5RZ


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