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JC_Smith@designlink.com JC_Smith@designlink.com
Wed, 07 May 1997 02:29:53 GMT

>I am one of the few peole who were part of and lived through 
>a tower disaster. I was belted on top of a 50 foot
>tower that fell over during Field Day. After 4 days in the 
>hospital and 30 days to recover, I was climbing again. 
You were lucky Tim (I'm sure you know it).  I fell "only" 20 ft. and was in the
hospital for a month, then in a wheelchair for three more months, then on
crutches for a few more months.  That was almost two years ago and I'm still
not fuly recovered.  I had eleven fractures, including pelvis and hip.

Fortunately (if you can call any of this good fortune) I was actually working
(not on an antenna) when this happened.  If I had been playing radio at the
time I would never have heard the end of it.

Man, that concrete is sure hard stuff.

Like Tim says, BE SAFE!  One of the statistics I heard during my recovery was
that in uncontrolled falls (as opposed to jumping, I guess) of over 10 feet,
the odds of survival are only 50 - 50.

73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org

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