[TowerTalk] FWD: 40M beam manufacturer?

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Sat, 24 May 1997 09:04:30 -0400 (EDT)

From: Van Sias <wa7fab@cdsnet.net>
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Subject: help id 40 mtr beam  manufacture!
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Anyone help me?  Have forty meter two element beam...looks like Hy-Gain,
including exact match linear loading BUT linear loading only on top of
the elements, not on both sides like current Hy-Gain 7-2 model.  Same
Beta matching system as 7-2 as well.  Also, no insulators along the
elements as in 7-2 model.  So.  No traps, no insulators in elements,
approx same dementions as Hy-Gain 7-2 and uses what seems to me to be
the standard Hy-Gain boom to mast and boot to element assembly pieces. 
Any thought out there.  I don't have a manual.  Also, came with a rather
large aluminum circular device that attaches to the boom as is a coax
balun system (opened it up and checked to make sure it was ok).  Thanks
in advance for any thoughts.  Van K7VS (formally WA7FAB)

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