[TowerTalk] Rain Static vs Feed System

Chuck Dietz dietz@texas.net
Sat, 31 May 1997 07:17:04 -0500

lightfoots wrote:
> ><snip>
> You described exactly what I hear also. Starts with a slow put put, builds
> up to a ferocious roar, and ends with putting, 3 minute delay, then all
> over again.
> I have two TH6'ss on the tower stacked, and almost without fail, the upper
> yagi gets the puts almost exclusively. I'm no lightning expert, but as far
> as I know about lightning, as charged particles are building up around any
> given area, and not discharged soon enough- you get lightning when
> sufficient energy has built up. Perhaps the "putz" are nothing more than
> listening to those charged drops of rain gradually discharge the electric
> field around the tower area???, thus 'maybe' reducing the chance of a
> lighting strike?
> Just a thought.

I get the impression that the slow "put put" is encountered during
periods of slow rain.  My thought was that charged drops made noise when
they hit the directors on the beam and was more rapid as more drops came
down.  During heavy rain the noise is more steady.

Chuck, KE5FI

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