[TowerTalk] Rohn 25 - Antenna size

Jim Bruce jimnv3v@shore.intercom.net
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 21:27:31 -0500

The Rohn Ham Tower catalog reccommends 4 ft in the ground plus 2" down into
the gravel at the bottom of the hole, and using between 1/2 to 3/4 yards of
concrete. Your installation sounds similar to mine. I'm using 50' of Rohn 45
and a Pier pin in concrete and bracketed at 20'. Currently it's got a TH3, 8
el 2mtr and 14 el 44 beam and a 4'450 vert. I also have a guy wire from my
chimney to the 35' level and extra bracing in the attic to keep my neighbor
from claiming it in events unforseen. Jim/ NV3V
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>>Area is St. Louis County, Missouri - fully surrounded by 60-80 foot trees
>>very high wind should not be  a problem.
>>I have Rohn 25G tower I want to put up at the end of my house.  I will put
>>in whatever size concrete base is needed (how much?).  It will be
>>to the house at 14 feet. and will be 2 sections plus the top section (29
>>1. How much antenna (sq ft) can I put up without any guys being added?
>> 2. How much if guys are added near the top (I don't really want to do
>>this).  I have a TA33 and a TA36 (10.75 sq ft).
>>3.  I would really like to put up the 36 and how much mast can I extend
>>beyond the tower (probably "none" if not guyed, right)?
>>Tnx, Jim
>Hi Jim,
>I have not seen an answer to this question yet.  I think you are very close
>to the limit for 14 feet or so of Rohn 25 above the house bracket with the
>36 installed on it.  I would not extend the height any with a taller mast.
>I tend to like the 3 1/2 foot short base sections for the bottom since they
>are easy to install and I would pour about a half yard of concrete around
>it.  Make sure the bottom of the tower legs extend through the bottom of
>concrete base to allow water to drain out of the tower legs.  Also, make
>sure the concrete extends above ground level for a couple of inches to keep
>water from standing around the tower legs.  "Crown" the center of the
>concrete to make the water will run off the base.
>I know you don't want to hear this, but a set of guys at the top of the
>tower would make the installation MUCH stronger.
>Stan  w7ni@teleport.com
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