[TowerTalk] Rohn 45 foldover questions

wb2dne@ix.netcom.com wb2dne@ix.netcom.com
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 10:28:55 -0600 (CST)

I need some opinions and experiences... I'm thinking of replacing my present 60 foot 
Rohn 25 with a 64 foot foldover Rohn 45 next spring.  My VHF-UHF stack (single yagis 
for 50MHz thru 1296MHz) meets the windload specs and is slightly less than the max 
weight rating of 135 pounds (including rotator, mast etc.) at the apex.  I'm thinking 
of this change mostly because I do not like to climb, maintanance and repair on the 
yagis at the top of my mast is very difficult since they are out of reach from the top 
of the tower and some home renovation is to be done next spring and the timing is good 
for base, guy anchor and trench digging while the equipment is on the property.  My 
questions; how easy/difficult is it to un-tension and detach the top set of guys prior 
to folding over - can it be a single person job?  What type and how often does 
maintanance need to be done on the winch, cable, foldover section etc.  Are there any 
reports of disasters/failures during the foldover process?  How does the Rohn foldover 
concept compare with crank-ups?
Any info and experiences on the topic will be appreciated.

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