[TowerTalk] Is "Antenna Mart" Alive?

Frank T. Brady ftbrady@le.klever.net
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 06:52:37 -0800

Antenna Mart is alive, but it's not a life form I've ever experienced in my
60 years.  I sent them $2 early this year and wrote them off as dead when
the check didn't clear for months.

Amazingly, the check suddenly cleared in early November (approximately 8
months after I sent it).  It's been so long that I don't even know whether
or not I received the catalog I sent for - we've moved in the meantime.

So, I suggest that you don't get antsy after a mere month of waiting <g>.

 Frank T. Brady - W0ECS
 Wildomar, CA

>I sent my two bucks for an Antenna Mart catalog well over a month ago and
>have heard nothing. I seem to recall someone else complaining about this on
>one of the reflectors some time back. Are they alive and well? Anyone else
>have a similar experience?
>Larry WI5A
>Friendswood, TX
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