[TowerTalk] ENR Article on Raymond, Miss. Tower FALL

ralph h young n4tg@tricon.net
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 19:25:46 -0500

The November 3, 1997 Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine has an article
covering the 1999 foot tower that fell in Raymond, Mississippi on Oct. 23
The picture shows the lower part of the crumpled tower.

The tower broke over about 25 feet above the ground.    
One of the victims apparently radioed collegues on the ground to warn them
just before the tower went over.
Quoting the article: "At the time the of the collapse, the trio was
performing "minor strengthening" tasks at the 1500-ft elevation of the
31-year-old tower, Debelser says.  Proper fall protection gear was in use
and rigging was in place, he claims.  Contrary to local reports, the early
work did not involve replacing the 24 guy wires, a job that was set for
later this year".  The cost of replaceing the tower is expected to be
several millions of dollars.

Of course the three lives that were lost were of uncountable value.

Ralph N4TG

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