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Sat, 15 Nov 1997 13:17:16 -0500

I've tried to contact Tom at Force 12 about this, several times on e-mail and once by phone since October 14, and have gotten one e-mail in return from Tom that said that they have had some server problems, but no answers to my questions.

So--I am asking the group.

I have a C-3/D that was installed in May of 1996 on a crank-up tower.  Tower is always nested except when operating, at which time it may be at from 30 to 50 feet about ground.  QTH is very windy and is about 200' from the ocean.

Rivets:  The rivet holes holding the bracket for the 20m radiator element to the boom have elongated in the vertical dimension allowing the element to rotate in the vertical plane.  The elongation is small at this time, but I can physically move the element perhaps + or - 10 degrees.  It is likely to get worse--especially through the winter season (Massachusetts).  It appears that the rivets need to be drilled out and the mounting bracket replaced.  One should note that this bracket came from the factory already riveted to the boom.  The other major mounting bracket for the 20m parasitic element seems to be fine.

Hardware:  Just about all the hardware has corroded--including u-bolts, bolts, washers and nuts.  Should I expect that the Force 12 hardware should be able to last more than one season--even in a salty environment?

I'd appreciate any comments from people with similar problems and/or hints on remedies, and will post a summary if appropriate.  Thank you.

Dennis, W1UF

L. Dennis Shapiro

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