[TowerTalk] 6 element tri-banders analyzed on software

Bob Perring perring@infocom.net
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 19:40:22 -0600

OK, Here is a problem that, so far, all respond to me as being beyond
their ability to perform.............. I'm right there with them ....
incapable !!

>How does one analyze these various (TH-6, TH-7, TA-36) trapped
antennas >with the available software, so as to be able to make
accurate dimensional and
>mathematical models of the elements when they were designed with traps?

Each antenna has:
24' boom
3 full sized elements
3 trapped elements (TH-7 has an additional driven element)

Anyone out there know how to solve this problem without a test field
and a year's worth of propogation comparisons?


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