[TowerTalk] Is expanding insulating foam safe to use

MarchandJohn jmarchand@ecrm.com
18 Nov 1997 10:06:06 -0400

Hi Chuck and all TT'ers around the globe,

Go to your nearest building supply house (home depot etc). They have some of
that expanding urathane (sp) foam in spray cans. Builders use them to insulate
around windows in new construction. You just spray it in and it expands and
conforms to the hole and anything in it. I've used it but cant think of
the brand name.  Hope this lead pans out for you.

John K1RC
35 mi NW of Boston
From: chgooden@postoffice.worldnet.att.net on Mon, Nov 17, 1997 9:03 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Is expanding insulating foam safe to use
To: towertalk@contesting.com

I was wondering if expanding insulating foam is safe to use around 
coax cables.  I remodeling my basement and can cut out about 100'
of coax by going through an exterior wall.  Problem is how do I seal 
up the hole.  I put some coax cables in a can and filled it with 
Great Stuff expanding foam for about a week and the cable jacket 
looks wet but see no major degradation.  I do know that caulking 
compunds that smell like vineger will run the cable over time.  Since 
I do not desire to tear up the drywall I would like to make sure I do 
it right the first time.

Please respond directly to me since I am not currently subscribed to 
this reflector.

Thanks for all your help in advance!!

Chuck Gooden
Rockford, Illinois

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