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I use something similar....a pvc feedthru of appropriate size with a 45
degree elbow on the outside.  I seal the outside of the PVC to the outer wall
of the house with silicone (generously to allow for expansion, etc).  After
the coax is installed, I seal the voids with plumbers putty (the kind that
comes in roll).  The putty conforms easily to all odd shapes and sticks well
to all surfaces, yet it is easily removed for adding/removing coax.  I have
had no problems with air leaks or insect intrusion.  I have also been using
the plumbers putty for years to seal coax connections.  It seals well, stays
in place, comes off rather easily and leaves no residue.  A roll of about 50
feet by 3/4 inch wide costs less than $15 at my local RV supply place here in
Lancaster, CA.  I can supply the address upon e-mail request.

Good luck in the contest,

Don, WA6EE (formerly KA6KGF)

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