[TowerTalk] Need Info on 40 Mtr Beam

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> So am looking into a new "Shorty-Forty" beam.
>       I have heard a few rumblings about Force-12 and M-2 but have no
>       knowledge of their products. What are the feelings of the group
>       about these 40 Meter beams. I am not looking to be the "Top Gun"
>       only want not to be last in the pile !!.

    The most popular shorty-forty is the Cushcraft 402-CD. It offers
reasonable performance and reliability for a moderate amount of money. With
judicious attention to settings (see K7LXC for 'secret' dimensions), it has
250 kHz of bandwidth. It uses normal tubular elements with a coil and
capacity hat out on the elements.

    It is a lightweight antenna mechanically but W9RE has a kit to beef it up
based on the W6NL/ex-W6QHS QST article (available from TOWER TECH). I
understand that Cushcraft is introducing a new, heavier-duty version.

   The equivalent 2L antenna from Force 12 uses a linear loading scheme and
may offer a slight advantage in performance but only has 150 kHz bandwidth.
It is mechanically superior to the current Cushcraft. The Force 12 price is
about $120 more than the CC.

     BTW, I've found that the best way to insure the performance of the Force
12 linear loaded antennas is to follow the manual and tune each element

73,  Steve  K7LXC@aol.com

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