[TowerTalk] Source for feed throughs

Jan & Del Seay seay@Alaska.NET
Sun, 05 Oct 1997 02:14:29 -0700

KF8KW@aol.com wrote:
> Looking for a source for feedthrough insulators.  Erecting a full wave loop
> for 160 to be fed with ladder line and want to bring in into the shack via
> the basement window sans the glass>  Work prevented me fron hitting the last
> hamfest for the season in this area to obtain them.
> Any info on dealers with such items will be appreciated.
> KF8KW  Dave

I bought 25 nice feedthru's a while back from Fair Radio Sales
in Lima, Ohio. They are a surplus outlet and quite often have
some great stuff.
de KL7HF

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