[TowerTalk] antenna height

Bud k4isv@westky.com
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 18:00:30 -0500

while much has been said on this subject since rick, nq4i, menitoned his
new 10M
antenna--- I would lik to place my vote on putting the antenna as high as

9 towers here with lowest at 140 ft--- basically several antennas on each
tower with
towers per band ( 3 towers on 20-- 2 on 10). as a general rule the highest
or stack of antennas works best-- regardless of band!

the best performing antenna at my qth has always been the 15M 6 ele at 200
a noted contester questioned this many years ago and when i challenged him
try it he experienced the same results...

my experience may not hold true on the east coast or other locations but
those of us in the "black hole of america" i suggest u try a very high
before u say it will not work... from my qth the two simple proverbs ring

1) if u cant hear them u cant work them
2) the higher the better

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