[TowerTalk] Needed - Temporary A3 Support

Lee Buller k0wa@southwind.net
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 11:29:10 -0500

At 07:50 AM 10/10/97 PDT, you wrote:
>I have a single crank-up tower on my lot. Last year for SS CW I added an 
>A3 on my chimney fixed West at 25' for a second antenna. It was VERY 
>useful. I'd rather not wrestle with my pitched roof again and am looking 
>for any ideas/suggestions for a better way to get the A3 up / down at 
>25-30' "relatively" easily and quickly for contest weekends. And no, I 
>DO NOT want to sidemount it to my existing tower for various reasons.
>Ideas considered include:
>1) Push up mast - a pain for one person, needs guys, makes mess of yard.
>2) Aluminum extension latter - needs guys but more rigid than #1
>and has alternate uses!
>3) Small 30' aluminum tower w/ foldover base - only needs 1/2 yard of 
>concrete, can probably tilt up by myself (not sure w/ antenna on it) - 
>but more expensive.
>4) ?????
>Jeff  N5TJ

Here is what W0CEM does with the same antenna for SS - which is pointed west
from Kansas.  The TH7 is pointed east.

He found a old tire (truck type) and filled it with concrete with a pressure
treated fence post in the concrete.  Heavy and stout, but you can roll it
anywhere in the yard.

He then purchase a small crank up pole that extends to 30 feet, but
collapses down to around 20 feet.  He clamped the pole to the the wood fence
post and then  lays it over onto a step ladder.  He then puts on the A3 and
walks it up in place.  Guys with with some rope to various trees.  Then
cranks up the A3 to 25 ro 30 feet.  He has a set of top guys too and ties
them off as well.

One man operation.  Leaves it up most of the winter and hasn't lost the lash
up yet.  The key is to find one of those crank up poles.  Anyone got some
ideas where to get them????

He also uses this lash up with some standard TV poles to play with wire
antennas around the yard.  He has two or three of these concrete filled tire
stands.  Works FB and will hold a pole (unloaded without anything on it) at
30 feet.  


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