[TowerTalk] Leveling a tower

T A RUSSELL n4kg@juno.com
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 21:02:35 -0600

The technique I like to use is to hang two weights by braided string
or small diameter stranded wire from supports at 90 degrees apart,
one perpendicular to a guy wire.  Then I sit on the ground with my feet
in front of me and hands on the ground behind me and sight the tower
along the string or wire.  Old window weights work well for this duty!
Of course, this assumes you can sight the tower from such positions.

Another technique I have seen is to hang a plumb bob inside the tower,
suspended from the intersection of three small ropes tied from each leg
to the center of the opposite horizontal brace.  A weight is tied at the
of the string and another set of strings are tied from the legs to the 
center of the opposite horizontal supports near the ground.

de  Tom  N4KG

On Fri, 17 Oct 1997 14:08:43 -0700 Bruce Blain <bblain@atiradio.com>
>Can anyone tell me the best way (or different techniques) for ensuring
>that a tower is truely verticle.
>I have been putting a builders level up against the three legs of the
>tower starting at the base and working my way up.
>Does anyone have an easier way to do this?
>TNX in advance.
>de Bruce, K1BG
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