[TowerTalk] Thrust Bearing Lubricant Recommendation?

Jerry K. Liley k0gug@juno.com
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 09:37:05 -0500

Good Morning, Guys.....
I hesitate to get into this discussion but DOW CORNING,  33 GREASE is a
very good
all temperature grease.    It is NOT CHEAP.    I am re-doing some prop
pitches with
this grease and bought two tubes at    "IBT"    bearing for $12 a tube.  
 It comes in a
toothpaste size tube   (large)  and obviously can not be squirted into
zerks.    If you have your bearing apart and can apply this grease by
hand..........nothing short of gasoline will remove it.
While I am in here.......
There has been a lot of criticism of using aluminum for mast,   here
lately.     My experience has been very positive using aluminum masts.   
 The boom to mast clamps for all size beams   (up to 48' for me)  hold to
it very well......  The rotor to mast clamps hold to it very well, also. 
  In both of those cases  (which by the way are the two largest headaches
for me with towers and antennas)   the problems just don't exist.   
Beams don't slip and rotors don't slip.      

 I don't have a super station.    I have two towers  (Rohn 55 @ 100 feet)
 and each of these towers have a 24' aluminum mast.   Nine or ten feet of
the mast is in the tower using a thrust bearing at the top of the tower
and one just above the rotor.      This gives me two mounting locations
for large beams to rotate    (I don't believe in mounting closer than 10

  I use channel iron to make steps up the mast and use two U-BOLTS  per
step. (the steps need to be made rough where the foot rests and the ends
turned up to prevent slip-off)   The masts that have been criticized here
were 2" x 3/8" wall.    I don't have experience with those.    Mine are
2-1/2"  x  1/2" wall.     This gives quite a bit more surface area for
the beams and rotor to grab to and they are stronger.    I do not know
the actual figures.

All of the best to you tower and antenna wiennies.     GOOD DX

73,  Jerry Liley,  K0GUG,  Holts Summit,  Missouri

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