[TowerTalk] Horizontal Loops at low heights

Stu stunroe@orion.branch-co.lib.mi.us
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 13:14:59 -0500

I am interested in knowing if anyone has experience with a horizontal
loop approx 1800' either laying on the ground or a very low height
above, 3-4' on regular fenceposts with insulators. I plan on using
insulated #14 thhn fed with shielded ladderline made from some old coax.
What I am after is a quiet recieve/ transmit antenna for the lowbands
and working MARS nets in the 2 & 4 mc range for distances up to 500
miles or so, if it works farther :)  Would it make any difference
whether it was on the ground or just a few feet up? I have a  field I
rent out to a local farmer who wasn't real happy when I put in a few
fenceposts & 10' pvc pipes for a beverage a few years ago after the
growing season had ended so the on the ground method has the appeal of
being 'invisible' and a lot less work when time to take it up in the
spring gets here.
73 Steve KG8TX

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