[TowerTalk] Subdivision Deed restrictions

David L. Thompson thompson@mindspring.com
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:03:20 -0500 (EST)

>When you bought your house, did you sign an agreement that allows them
>to impose NEW rules on you?  If you did, I suggest you pack up and
>move.  If not, they have to abide by the OLD rules, which you should
>point out with a lawyer at your side.  Good luck.
>73, Bill W7TI

Bill, You hit right on....Most states don't let you change a contract after
it begins unless 100% agree....You can't be forced to accept restrictions
you did not sign for...Plus I for one would never sign any CC&R.

BTW:  many subdivisions have such regulations that are supposed to be part
of your purchase agreement..one signature for the property and all the
restrictions.  One guy I know read all his contract material and there were
no such statements.  When he applied properly for his 80 foot tower the
subdivision garden club said the restrictions would not allow a tower.  In
his explaination of the service side of amateur radio he explained why he
need a tower, why this would cut RFI, and moreover where were the
restrictions they talked about.  After three months of hearing nothing back
and the county approving the tower he had many of the boys over for scout
jamboree on the air.  These same people now are positive on amateur radio.

Word to the wise take positive steps not legal steps first!

Dave K4JRB

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