[TowerTalk] tower paint

Bake 923 Bake923@aol.com
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:39:44 EDT

hi guys sorry about the lack of info on who to respond to,i'll include that in
the future. ref: painting towers with out the mess. the best way is to do it
on the ground  like I did the tower should be up befor the end of may,other
than that its a mess most use paint mits as I did.as far as the type of paint
that it is . its a special industrial and marine coating  water based metal
latex paint made by sherwin williams co. sold through pirod tower co. in
indiana.  for 48.30 pr.gal

i'll sell 5gal of orange and 5 gal. of white for 300.00 + shipping 

any one interested can contact me at bake923@aol.com 

thanks .
          marty  n8xpk  akron,oh

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