[TowerTalk] TH-6 maybe

Jim McLaughlin dearborn@starnetinc.com
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 18:53:05 -0500

I have just started to use the low bands again, after a 10 yr. abscence.
The antenna has been up for in excess of 15 years, and I do remember
that I got it used and never had a manual for it. It replaced a TH-3 and
I got it, because as I remember it was bigger and better.

Its 6 elements, with small traps. Not a big issue what it is, as its
going to be replaced, but for my comparison in buying a new one. I would
like to know the weight,   longest element and boom length. I guess this
is possible, if for the moment we assume that it is a TH-6.

If somebody has this info fine, if not I'll try and find a phone number
for Hy-Gain.

Thanks Jim WA9FPT

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