[TowerTalk] Force12 C3

Piotr Tomczak pito@nera.no
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 12:38:57 +0100


I want to come with some comparision of two antennas.
The first one GAP Challenger DX VI
The other one is Force12 C3

I have put up Force C3 about 20m above the ground 
ten days ago so I decided this weekend to test it 
against my old antenna.

I was supprised that the C3 worked so good,
or the GAP worked so bad...

Here are some examples

against K4LRX 20m
rx C3 - 579    GAP - 319 - nearly noise level
one hour later K4LRX
rx C3 - 589    GAP - 539 - The cndx have been at max now

against K8CW 20m
rx C3 - 589   GAP - 529

against 8P9DX 15m
rx C3 - 599   GAP - 529

against some JA stations 20m
rx C3 - 539/549   GAP nothing - have not been able to hear anything

I am very supprised that the differance were so big.
I suddenly hear all, its is like geting new big ears....

Thanks to Tom for his great help during assembling of the
antenna, (some parts did not suited exactly as they should.)

Hope you meet you on the radio...

Piotr LA9HFA

Piotr Tomczak           Ham call: la9hfa
Nera ASA                  Tel: +47 66843135    Fax: +47 6684 4445
1361 Billingstad         E-mail :  pito@nera.no

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