[TowerTalk] Rohn 20G/25G

Patrick Croft mai@iquest.net
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 12:32:19 -0500 (EST)


One amy simply count the rungs on the tower - Rohn 20 rungs are spaced 18"
apart, while Rohn 25 rungs are 15.75" apart.  Use a tape measure when in

A more common error is to confuse Rohn 35 (yeah, 35!) which was special
product for Motorola.  Its 14" faced, while Rohn 25 is 12".  At a fest or
setting in someones backyard, usually escapes detection until attempting to
install accessories like rotor plates, etc.

When in doubt, look at the book (the Rohn Handbook!).

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At 08:55 AM 2/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
>[This is the Word attachment that Jim Jones posted earlier.  Replies to
>him, please.]
>There seems to be a major rip-off going on with sellers of towers for
>amateur use.  It would seem that some dealers have been selling Rohn 20G
>and passing it off as 25G.  This could be easily done and the
>unsuspecting customer would not have a clue.  The only way that the
>average person can tell the difference is the weight.  Rohn 20G weighs
>32 pounds per section and the 25G weighs 40 pounds.  I realize that most
>people can not tell the difference between 32 and 40 pounds without a
>scale, but with this knowledge something could be improvised.  The
>reason for the weight differences are the solid rods on the 20G are 9/32
>diameter and the rods on the 25G are 5/16 and the tubing side rails are
>18 gage and 16 gage respectively.
>I do not think that many direct dealers are making this mistake on
>purpose.  I think that some where up stream from the dealer the swap is
>being made.  The case I have been made aware of could also be just an
>isolated incident, but, buyer beware.
>If you are going to be buying Rohn tower and find that the 25G is in
>fact 20G; DO NOT accuse the dealer of trying to sell the lighter tower
>in place of the heavier duty tower.  Just point out the difference and
>that you wanted 25G and not 20G.  There is a price difference which will
>vary due to quantities ordered by the dealer.
>This could be a simple case of some untrained person shipping the
>lighter sections by mistake and if this is the case I hope the mistake
>is realized by the shipper.
>I want to repeat that this could be a simple OOPS by some shipper so DO
>NOT accuse anyone of wrong doing.  Just point out the difference and get
>what you pay for.  Inspect each section and be sure you know what you
>are paying your hard earned cash for is in fact what you are getting.
>This is a simple mistake to make as the sections will interchange  and
>when stacked in a pickup truck will all look the same at first glance.
>Happy tower building.
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