[TowerTalk] rg-6 flooded cable wtd

Effinger SH (Sam) at MSXSOPC SE060676@shellus.com
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 10:02:47 -0600

I foung the nicopress fittings and tools from Mc Master Carr   soooooo that
went so good maybe someone can help me find a good buy on    RG6U  direct
burable cable...

i want to use it on my beverages....i want 1000 feet or more..but only
direct bury type like the cable company uses for drop wires to the house...I
am still waiting for an answer from the local cable co.		

Ron K9YY bought a used electric chain saw at a garage sale and used it to
bury his cable with...it worked great  ...neighbors thought he was crazy
chain sawing the ground but it make a perfect hole to put the RG6U in... A
little messy but it did the job...

for SWA beverages we use  "F" connectors on the rg6u and they work great..
when you build the beverage transformer you can put "F" connector females on
the box and it works great and is cheap.and very neat looking....

Sorry to take so much bandwidth on these questions but we are the guys who
scrounge for this stuff...
so who better to ask.

Thank you kindly for reading this and for any help..


Sam Effinger
SIET- Utilities

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