[TowerTalk] rg-6 flooded cable wtd

Dick Bodine rbodine@computerpro.com
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 16:05:57 -0500

MANY years ago in school as part of the shop classes, we had to watch a
film about the proper use of tools.   Primative Pete was the name as I
recall.   In a nutshell it says use the proper tool for the job.  A
chainsaw is not intended and should NEVER intentionally be "stuffed"
into the ground.  The potential for the chain to hit something and the
bar come flying back at the operator and cause serious injury is too
great, not to mention the abrasive materials finding there way into some
parts of the saw to increase the potential for a disaster.

I have had a chainsaw kick back and the chain ripped a nice hole in the
back of my leather glove.  It happened so fast I never saw it coming.
Damned lucky!!

Do - not -  ever, consider such folly.

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