[TowerTalk] Legal Liability and Principles

Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008 steve@austin.ibm.com
Fri, 06 Feb 98 17:39:06 -0600

Stu Greene WA2MOE, wrote:

>There is a principle of law which is callled "assumption of risk".  
>the buyer intends to erect it or have it erected,
>climb it, put antennas on it, and generally use it for the purpose for
>which it was bought.

>The buyer, I submit, has assumed the risk of overloading, 
...snip again
>any honest lawyer and competent judge would conclude that the
>manufacturer's liability ended with delivery.
>Unfortunately, shysters exist.

Unfortunately, they not only exist, they seem to abound in our 
legal system.
Also unfortunately, there now exists the 'deep pockets' theory - 
to be successfully sued, one does not have to be liable in any way as 
far as I can tell, one only has to have enough money to make it worth 
going after!
Actual involvement in the problem/injury/etc need only be peripheral
at best, and actual responsibility seems to be totally optional. 
Steve WQ5G

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