[TowerTalk] Top Ten Devices

K6RO@aol.com K6RO@aol.com
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 19:14:36 EST

In a message dated 98-02-06 18:18:18 EST, k1my@nlis.net writes:

 Does anyone have any experiance with the Top Ten Devices boxes? I'm
 thinking about using them to connect 2 radios to 6 antennas as shown in
 their attachment 1 to their advertisement (on web page). It's a lot of
 money but if it does the job as advertised, I'll probably spring for it.
 Any input would be appreciated.
 73,  Bruce Makas, K1MY
Hi Bruce,I have purchased exactly what you are talking about.It works great.I
now wonder why I didn't buy it sooner.I will be using it for 2 radio single op
and also m/s.
Good luck,Larry K6RO

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