[TowerTalk] small loop antennas

David Gilbert davidg@primenet.com
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 22:34:04 -0700

I've never used the AEA loop, but I cannot believe it is very efficient --
the impedance is simply way too low.  Convenient, yes ... efficient, no.

Better idea -- lay out some chicken wire on the balcony (whatever will fit)
for a counterpoise, and feed a piece of wire that runs to a nearby tree;
pick a wire length approximately 1/4 wavelength at the frequency you will
use most.  Feed the wire at the junction to the counterpoise via an antenna
tuner on whatever bands it will load on.

A friend of mine (N7RK) did exactly that running 100 watts and worked DXCC
in 3 months at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, mostly 20m and 40m.  He's
now up to roughly 200 countries in two years.

In my opinion, wire in the clear will beat a small loop any day.

Best of luck es 73,
Dave   AB7E

At 06:15 PM 2/9/98 -0800, henry gillow-wiles wrote:
>I have a friend moving to an apartment. He wants to stay active, but will
>probably be very limited in his antenna choices. The first thing to come to
>mind is the AEA loop antenna. Does anyone out there have any experience
>with this antenna? Any other antenna ideas? He should have access to a
>balcony, so wire isn't out of the question, but we can't plan on it.
>Please respond directly to save band width.
>Thanks, Henry
>Henry Gillow-Wiles
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