[TowerTalk] Limited Space Antenna Recommendations

Landen Stoker kc5qdz@iamerica.net
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 11:45:56 -0600

Hey Guys, here is a question someone might be able to help me with. With
a tower that I have I am limited to the turning radius i can have due to
obstructions. And no I can't cut the obstructions down they are not
trees :-) I currentley have a Butternut Butterfly which the elements are
abt 12 ft long with a boom of  7 feet but I long for a better
antenna.The A3S is too big since it has 27 ft elements . Is there a
antenna out there that might work for me, that has shorter elements
maybe 15- 20 ft. I know it is a long shot but thanks.

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