[TowerTalk] H-E-L-P

DavidHarper@tx.slr.com DavidHarper@tx.slr.com
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 13:13:33 -0600

Try this:  http://www.corptech.com/CompanyPages/L/10TPBF.cfm

That is the homepage for Linemaster Switch Corp.  I have an old (1985)
catalog of theirs in which they advertise a very wide variety of
footswitches.  In that catalog they mentioned a $25 minimum order
charge, so if you have enough $$ to spend they may have one you like.

73, Dave WD5N

	Lee sez:	
> 	I am looking for a source (manufacture, idea) of a dual foot
> switch. One
> side to key the AMP and the other to key the TRANSCEIVER.

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