[TowerTalk] Antenna Peformance vs. Height and Elevation

Dick Green Dick Green" <dick.green@valley.net
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 10:40:06 -0500

Hmmm. Is this a good argument for motorized remote-controlled crankup

73, Dick, WC1M

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>Antenna Peformance  vs. Height  and  Elevation    de   N4KG
>>Hi Pete. Also, who is higher in elevation, etc. I have 3 elements on 20
>>at 35 feet and a friend has 4 at 60 feet and I'm consistantly beating
>>him out. But the location here is about 400 feet higher. 73
>>Tom W7WHY
>Tom -
>I respectfully disagreee.  Elevation alone has nothing to do with antenna
>performance.  An antenna at 60 ft above a flat reflecting foreground at
>2000 ft elevation will have an identical pattern in the vertical plane as
>identical antenna at 60 ft above a flat reflecting foreground at 500 ft
>elevation.   TERRAIN and a sloping foreground on the other hand
>can have significant influence on antenna performance.
>Regarding antenna HEIGHT above a FLAT GROUND,
>HIGHER   IS   NOT   ALWAYS   BETTER.  Often, higher angles produce
>stronger signals than lower ones, especially if the MUF is well above
>the operating frequency (this is particularly true on 20M) and the other
>station is also using a low antenna (as is most often the case for DX
>stations).  If the ionosphere will support waveangles up to 20 or 30
>degrees and the distant station has a low antenna, he will be radiating
>more energy at the higher angles than the lower ones.  A receiving
>antenna that matches the angle with the most energy (most likely
>one of a similar, usually lower, height, will be the best antenna to
>transmit back to the distant station.   During mid-day when the
>MUF is high, my 40 ft TH7 often beats my higher monobanders
>to Europe and Africa.  (AND, of course, all of my towers are at
>nearly the same elevation above sea level.)
>OLD   MYTHS  NEVER  DIE  ....   HIGHER  is NOT  always BETTER
>de  Tom  N4KG
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