[TowerTalk] Tree Climbing

Catherin Dentremont cdent@TENET.EDU
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 10:27:17 -0600

Bill Fisher - W4AN wrote:
>  I have the need to climb some trees in my backyard for some stealthy
> antennas.  I'm wondering where I can get information on the needed
> supplies for climbing a tree?  Seems like I'll need some spikes of some
> sort.
	One alternative that was discussed on the local repeater recently
was the use of "ascenders".  These are reportedly devices that "clamp"
a rope and allow you to use them as stepping devices.  I have not yet
the opportunity to check into them myself, but REI or someone else who
technical climbing supplies would seem to be the place to go.
	The other caveat re: lineman's "spurs" is well taken...IMHO, in additon
to the safety issues (which are considerable) you certainly cause some
of damage to the bark of the tree.  In the case of pines, especially,
this may
make them more susceptible to insect or fungal infestation. 
Besides...we don't
want to prevoke the "spirits" that inhabit the trees any more than
as attested to in earlier posts to the reflector =:0

73, Gerald  W5BA

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