[TowerTalk] R7 tuning problem

Ted Boerkamp Ted.Boerkamp.0136422@nt.com
2 Jul 1998 16:07:34 -0500

                      Subject:                              Time:  3:55 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         R7 tuning problem                     Date:  7/2/98

Hello...A friend of mine is trying to get a used R7 vertical working
but is experiencing problems....he says he has followed the 
instructions and only 10m and 40m show the proper swr curve.
The other bands (12,15,20,17,30 ) will not show a proper swr curve.
They wont resonate properly at the right freqs no matter how
much adjustment is made to the measurement settings.
He has mounted this vertical only about 6ft off the ground on
a piece of pipe.....Does anyone have any explanations for this?
Is the height above ground critical for this antenna?? Has
anybody else experienced this kind of situation?? Any help
would be greatly appreciated......thanks  Ted VE3SS

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