[TowerTalk] Re: resonance

Tom Osborne w7why@mail.coos.or.us
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 20:32:09 -0700

Pete Smith wrote:
> Just a bit of anecdotal evidence to support Tom's latter point -- when >I measure the lowest-SWR point on my C-3 at the shack end of a long >75-ohm feedline, it appears right where it's supposed to be - 14.225.  >When I add 2 feet of jumper and my SB-220 to the circuit, the "resonant >frequency" shifts to 14.450!  

HI Pete.
That's how I tune the antennas here. I have some jumpers, and when I
work 20 cw, I add the jumper and it lowers the "resonant" frequency down
to 14.030.  Keeps the exciter and amp happy!!  73

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