[TowerTalk] 4 guy wires OK?

Mmoon3@aol.com Mmoon3@aol.com
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 21:54:11 EDT

After measuring the guy runs for my 60' of Rohn 45G going up soon, I've found
I can't keep them all at 120 degrees unless the guy lengths become less than
60%.  I am now planning on using 4 guys, at approximately 90 degree
separation, where I can guy at about 80% of height.  

Any comments about the wisdom/lack-thereof of doing this?  I wanted to use a
torque bracket, but this is impossible with 4 guys.  If I do use 4 guys, do I
still use a guy bracket, and just put 2 shackles on 1 leg?

Mark N3AVA/0

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