[TowerTalk] Guy lengths and spacing between guys

Robert L. Shohet kq2m@eci.com
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 17:32:30 -0700

I'm in the process (finally) of staking out spots for two towers.
The base of tower 1 (90' of Rohn 25) is on ledge and is let's say at 0'.
The proposed directions of the guys and distance of the guys wires from
the tower base are as follows:

Guy 1  26 degrees and 74'.
Guy 2  150 degrees and 88'.
Guy 3  270 degrees and 70'  (Guy 3 is located 7' BELOW the tower base).

I assume that the minimal difference between 120 degrees spacing and the
numbers shown above is not a problem, but what about the differences
between the distances of the guys from the tower base?

The different distances are necessary due to tree stumps, boulders, etc.
in my Connecticut woods.
Next question....

I intend to (ultimately) stack 4 10 meter beams and 3 15 meter beams as
10  @ 96'
15  @ 90'
10  @ 69'
15  @ 60'
10  @ 46'
15  @ 30'
10  @ 23'

The Rohn 25 will be guyed @ 30, 60 + 90'.  At the various heights, the
guy wires will come within about 3 feet of an element tip when the
antenna is turned at a certain angle (the end of the boom will NEVER
come closer than about 7' from the guy wire).  Will this be a problem
for the SWR and radiation pattern of the antenna?

Would it help to use a SMALL non-resonant lenght of guy wire
"looking-at" the antenna in the horizontal plane or just use a "normal"
non-resonant length?

I'd really appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments on these


Bob KQ2M


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