[TowerTalk] KT34XA versus 5BA

Johan Van de Velde,ON4ANT johan.vandevelde@ping.be
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 14:35:23 +0200

I wonder if someone has real experience with these antennas.

I have a KT34XA up at the moment which performs pretty good.

I'd like to have the WARC bands aswell, the options are add a A3WS with abt
12ft spacing to the KT34XA
or look for a 20 to 10m antenna.

I'm currently looking at the Force12 5BA , the other competitors have been
scratched (Mosley,Hyfain,Cushcraft) for different 

I've been modeling antennas much alike the Force 12 and the gain seems to
be corresponding to the claims.
But i like to have some extra opinion about the comparison between the
above antennas.

All info would be welcome..

Space is no problem on my tower, it easily handles a couple of square



I run already:  Mosley PRO96 
	         Fritzel  FB33 
	         Antenna Mart quad
                     KT31 dipole
	         UFB31  warc dipole fritzel
	         klm 4el -40m  ( it stayed up in storms !!!! )
                     A3WS warc beam


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