[TowerTalk] Side-arms & self-supporting towers

Fred Hopengarten k1vr@juno.com
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 10:16:01 EST

Fred Hopengarten  K1VR               781/259-0088
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Lincoln, MA 01773-5105
permanent e-mail address:  fhopengarten@mba1972.hbs.edu

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998 18:29:24 -0500 leewells@lexmark.com writes:
>I'm planning this summers antenna projects now, and I'm thinking about 
>mounting a 10m monobander (probably a Force-12 EF-610).  
>What I've got:  
>   Trylon 72ft self supporting tower with Force 12 antennas on top.

>What about rotors??  I'm using a T2X now for the top antennas, and I 
>probably use the same with the side-arm if it will work.  That would 
>give me
>some sort of back-up if the top one ever failed.

K1VR:  That's the strategy I chose. In addition, with a T2X, the question
is not IF, but when will it fail.  So take the opportunity and buy a used
T2X when one comes up for sale locally.

> Is there a good way to prevent over-rotation.  I wouldn't want to bang
the arm against > the tower.

K1VR:  As Barry Scheck, noted trial attorney (OJ, the Nanny) says:  "Been
a lot of places, tried a lot of cases."  I've visited a lot of big gun
stations and I've never seen a solution to the problem I call:  "Bang the
arm slowly."

>Are there other options to look at???  I didn't figure a TIC ring 
>rotor would fit on a tower this large. [24" face]

K1VR:  There are two sizes of TIC RingRotor.  One is designed for Rohn
25/45.  The other is really big.  You might look at the specifications
harder, as I can't recall, but it seems to me that it would fit a 24"

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