[TowerTalk] rohn hbx56 & 31 foot long 432 antenna

Mark Brown kb0pyo@rconnect.com
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 00:40:06 -0600

Hi All
     I am going to be ading to my tower collection & would
like some input on putting a 31 foot long 432mhz beam on a
rohn hbx56. I know rohn says no boomlengths longer than 10'
but this antenna only has 2 sq. feet of wind load (the
antenna is very offset as far as load though, with the
feedline weight in back you end up with 17 feet of boom in
front & 14 feet in back with the extra windload of 14 feet
of 1/2 inch heliax). I routinely see 60 mph winds here & 80
+ happens every couple of years, will the hbx stand up to
the twist this antenna might put on it?

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