[TowerTalk] Rohn 25

Madison R. Jones w5mj@hal-pc.org
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:21:35 -0600

Rick Bullon wrote:
>  With all the discussion about Rohn 25 and windloading etc. You have
> almost convinced me that trying to fold over my Rohn 25 tower not only
> isn't going to work but that the tower is only good for uhf vhf
> antennas!!!
>   Well I guess the TH6 is going to stay in the barn for another 3 or 4
> years and I get to keep using my Butternut vertical for my only antenna.
> It is ashame too as I have 5 empty acres and all I can do is a lousy
> vertical makes me lose all incentive to upgrade
>   Not flaming anyone just upset that I can't do anything better that
> what I have. It wouldn't be so bad if I lived on a small city lot
> 73
> Rick
> kc5ajx  (tech plus forever)

Your attitude certainly stands for the saying my grandmother used to
give me, "Can't never could."  I suppose if the Peter 1 Island folks had
taken your approach, we never would have had any contacts from there,
and it still would be #1 on the most wanted list.

If I had 5 acres, you can bet I would have as much Rohn 25 in the air as
I could scrounge, with as big an array as I could scrounge, and my
attitude would be to work as much DX and as many in the contests as I
could before the whole sheebang blew away.  The worst thing that will
happen on 5 acres is that someday it will all fall over and make a hole
in the weeds.  At that point I would rebuild it and start all over
again, probably putting even more stuff up there.  It's important to
have a sturdy mast, but I would not think for a moment about not putting
towers and antennas up just because the tower might not support it.  I
am positive Rohn would not agree with all this, and perhaps many on this
reflector would not either, but that's because most of us have tiny city
lots and are worried about how it may all end up on our neighbors' roof.
But not if I have 5 acres.

While you are waiting for the concrete to cure, why not upgrade?  Hell,
it's only a test.

Flame away, guys.


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