[TowerTalk] concrete base type

Malcolm Clark rudder1@ibm.net
Tue, 05 May 1998 20:26:06 +0000

Lowell, Mark wrote:
> Which is more acceptable/desirable as a base for 110' of guyed R25G?
> 1) Short tower base section submerged in concrete.
> 2) Separate concrete base with anchor bolt/pin and a base plate adaptor.
> Does method 1 require additional rebar or does the tower section provide
> all the reinforcement that is necessary?

The Rohn drawing for that base (Base CB 1) calls for four #6 vertical
bars with #3 lateral ties on 12" centers.  The drawing number is
C610621.  The base seems to be pretty much the same as the base for
bracketed 25G towers with the addition of the rebar.

Hope this is of some use.

Malcolm KR4HP

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